About US

TheRaceCartel.com is an Australian owned and operated business under the umbrella of Gentle Giant International.

The founder of TheRaceCartel.com and Gentle Giant International was born in Malaysia and grew up around Protons and Perodua's. His passion for the Protons grew exponentially as he discovered how easy they were to work on and modify. When he moved to Australia he noticed a gap in the market where parts for these cars were hard to come by and he decided to start this site to provide parts to Australia, UK, and Germany where Protons were delivered. 

We are a website that specifically support the markets where Proton vehicles were exported to such as Australia, Germany and the UK. 

We are also the Official Resellers of Atara Racing wheels available to the worldwide market.

We practice a transparent pricing model where the shipping prices are shown is the actual shipping costs instead of inflating prices and advertising them as "Free Shipping".

This not only helps with custom clearance with certain countries as the cost of parts usually fall below the dutiable threshold and the major cost from Malaysia is shipping.

We do not hold stock of parts in countries other than Malaysia due to the large catalogue. So all parts are dropped shipped from Malaysia. 

If you do not find a Proton part you need, please send us an email at support@theracecartel.com and we will come back to you.