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Terms and Conditions


If items are sold out, has the right to refund buyers any funds that were paid

Shipping and handling may between 1 -3 weeks

Custom jobs will increase shipping and handling time to 3-5.5 weeks.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that wheels purchased will fit their vehicle. We will provide complete specifications of the wheels but will not be able to guarantee fitment as different vehicles have different factory fitments and different customers prefer different stances. If an exchange is required, the buyer will need to bear the cost of shipping and a refund will be provided if the good are returned in the same condition it was sent. Shipping costs are not refundable.


Items are shipped out via air mail.

Items over $400 will automatically include shipping insurance from the country the item is shipped from. does not claim any responsibility for items that are damaged in transit during shipping, however if the item is insured we will go the extra mile to assist buyers with the claim or repair costs. This is out of good will and is not obligated to bear repair or replacement cost if an item is damaged during shipping or in transit.

It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the items are in good condition on arrival, and only sign the delivery docket/acknowledgement after the items have been inspected. If items are damaged on arrival, please do not sign the delivery docket and request the courier or postal service to return item to sender due to damages. This will ensure that the items are shipped back to us at no cost to the buyer.

Once signed, the courier/postal service will assume that the item has arrived in good condition and they will not entertain further claims.

In some cases, if there is a local warehouse in the buyers country will offer replacement depending on stock availability but the buyer will have to bare the cost of shipping to the warehouse. Depending on the item we may offer to bear the cost of reshipping the item back to the buyer.

Warranty is void under following conditions :

Product is damaged in transit or misuse, accident or negligence or has been repaired or altered by anyone other than

Product has had any modifications, repairs or changes made by anyone other than

Original invoice or sales receipt is not available for verification, or upon transfer of title on product by the original purchaser.

Damage occurred during installation or rotation.

The product was sold as a blemished item.

Damage or structural failure occurred as the result of racing applications or willful abuse

Improper mounting, excessive vehicle loads, incorrect tire sizes for wheels and incorrect installation for other items.

Products that have been subject to corrosion of the finish due to neglect, caustic cleaning chemicals, harsh car washes, adverse weather conditions or improper product care.

Wheels Warranty does not cover structural failure from abnormal wear and tear, overloading or exceeding the wheel’s stated load capacity, pairing with tires of a higher load capacity than the wheel, over/under tire inflation, , incorrect torqueing and use of incorrect wheel nuts or bolts , owners negligence or abuse, impact damage from being driven upon pot holed road surfaces, or over road surface hazards and any wheel used for motorsport purposes.

Cancellation / Order change Policy:

We ship our products from different warehouses globally. Depending on what you purchase and where you are located, products may be shipped from different warehouses.


Cancellations will incur a 10% and admin fee.

After shipment has been confirmed, this will incur an additional 10% restocking fee to cover costs incurred for packing and getting products ready for shipment. Total of 20% including restocking and admin fees incurred.

Once shipment has left the warehouse, the customer/buyer will have to ship the items to our closest warehouse at their own costs. Upon receipt of returned goods, we will inspect the items and process a refund. The Race Cartel will only refund the cost of the products minus 20% (admin and restocking fees). All shipping charges are non refundable.

Refund Policy:

Shipping costs are not refundable as these costs are unrecoverable costs. In some cases, if the courier service provider has approved to cover shippings cost due to damages due to shipping, we will make an exception. This however, may take months as we rely on them to provide payment once approved.

For used / rebuilt items which are not new, shipping costs are not refundable for returns even if there is a problem with the item purchased. We do everything we can to check the items before sending them off however, in rare occasions, the items may have unforeseen defects which is out of our control.

Refunds are only provided when they are approved for refund and returned to us in the condition they were received.

Unfortunately, this is our returns policy as we ship parts from overseas which is quite significant. This is also to ensure we remain in business and remain sustainable business.